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Basic Principles of Explosive&Drug Detectors

Basic Principles of Explosive&Drug Detectors 
In the detection of drugs and explosives, very few material samples can be collected, the general physical and chemical methods are effective at present, only the use of "ion mobility spectrum" can not analyze your samples to determine the various substances. The detection principle is based on the following facts:
• Many chemicals can be vaporized, and these vapor or particulate matter (clothes, bags, skins, containers, paper, etc.) or sticky surfaces are adsorbed and contacted.
• Vacuum of these trace substances or collected surface cleaning.
• Even if these chemicals are very few residues, they can be removed by heating the particles (turning them into steam).
• Material gasification can be ionized (become charged molecules).
• In the electric field, the ion drift of the electric field to the pole, the structure and the drift velocity depends on the size of the ion. The effective control of the electric field strength and the speed of each ion have a specific velocity like a human fingerprint to determine the original material for each ion.

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