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Express security detector use procedures introduction

Express security detector use procedures introduction

Express security detector is an important means to ensure the safety management of China's express industry, as the provisions of the state, express delivery of things are more and more complex, now we tell you the use of security procedures:
Even in the basic control, the express security detector should be locked, be sure to remember to take the key and check the instrument whether is damaged, the damaged key can not start the express security detector. Implementation of the following procedures to use express security detector.
1. Unlock the control panel and start the machine.
2. Make sure that the ready status is displayed on the monitor or on the control panel.
3. Place the detected items on the conveyor belt.
4. Start the conveyor belt.
5. Observe the conveyor belt to send the test items into the inspection compartment.
6. Make sure the X-Ray Radiation light is on.
7. Observe the image of the item on the monitor.
8. Adjust the color, contrast and other control buttons to ensure that the corresponding image is clearly visible.
9. Start the conveyor belt and allow the item to exit the security detector from the slide.

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