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X-ray Security machine maintenance and the specific content

X-ray Security machine maintenance and the specific content

X-ray machine is currently widely used in major public places, including the logistics industry, railway stations, courts, playgrounds and other crowded occasions, are not difficult to find the security machine,Binggong security manufacturers have 9 patents, 8 copyright , Belonging to high-tech enterprises, China AAA and credit enterprises, Binggong security equipment is with quality assurance, accurate testing, welcome to visit.
1, check the power indicator at the top of the device: When the device is powered on, the green indicator light is on.
2, check the device at the top of the X-ray indicator:when radiating, the red indicator light is on.
3, check the channel above the emergency stop button: press the emergency stop button, the device can immediately power. When the button is not reset, the device can not be started again.
4, check the channel above the key switch: the key switch is turned on, press the start button to start the device. The radio stop button disconnects the power of the radiation controller. If the key switch becomes less sensitive, replace it.
5, check the touch screen and the screen image is corresponding: press the zoom button, the image can be scaled; press the image processing button, the image can be displayed accordingly.
6, check the entrance of the light barrier: in the operation of the conveyor belt with opaque objects, the radiation can be normal to open. After the equipment is powered off, use a dry silk cloth to wipe the lens of the light barrier and the glass on the wall of the channel.
7, check the electric drum: press the corresponding button, the electric drum can run and stop in the intended direction. The noise of the drum is normal and does not leak.
8, check the detection box and collimator on the trip switch: remove any one cover, the radiation can stop the launch.
9, check the deviation of the conveyor: Check whether the conveyor belt has been deviated from the motor.
10, check the heat sink to check whether the cooling port is blocked, and remove the dust on it.
The company will provide a comprehensive after-sales service, after the equipment sold, we will provide professional guide from the technical operators to make sure you can use quickly.

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