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Safety check operation of security machine

Safety check operation of security machine

Binggong inspection machine is a high-performance, high-quality security equipment, which is widely used in various industries, public places, for everyone's personal safety escort, such as logistics, stations, courts, prisons, exhibitions, Public places. Binggong security machine product quality is good, with after-sale warranty, security industry leading brand. Security industry solutions! Excellent product quality! Great after-sales service!your Integrity partners!
In order to prevent safety accidents, what is need to be paid attention to security equipment maintenance?
1. The device has a large number of working voltage of 220V devices, general maintenance must be carried out in the power, if you want to operate with power, must be carried out by the relevant training personnel, but also to do the work of electric shock;
2. Equipment has a large number of sophisticated electronic devices, in the maintenance before doing a good job to prevent static damage to the preparation of the device;
3. The equipment has several lead protective layers for preventing the leakage of radiation. It is best to bring cotton gloves, can not wear gloves in the course of operation. Wash hands immediately after work.
4. Equipment should be done before the power to be carefully checked to confirm the correct wiring, no wrong, short of the situation;
5. Before opening the ray, cover the cover to avoid personal injury caused by radiation.

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