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X-ray security machine play a huge role in the Express indus

X-ray security machine play a huge role in the Express industry

With the development of e-commerce, express delivery industry has shown a explosive growth trend, numerous couriers walk through the streets, to provide people with express service. However, along with the development of the express industry, a problem can not be ignored, that is, a large number of contraband is through the express channel for circulation. Small smuggled cigarettes, jewels,even the guns, drugs,so it is impossible for the couriers to open each parcel.
At this time, X-ray security machine began to show great divinity, and that X-ray security machine, we immediately think of it may be commonly used in medicine that kind of tool. But now the times are different, X-ray security machine is with super perspective function, you can immediately see what is inside the package. It is because of its powerful function, so the China General Post Office has asked the courier companies in the sorting parcels, we must use X-ray security machine at first.
Express X-ray machine to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the express industry
in the in the perspective of X-ray security machine, we will find that both guns and ammunition, drug, or alcohol, gasoline, gunpowder,firecrackers, are clearly visible. It can be said, X-ray security machine greatly ease the inspection staff work pressure. They only need to sit in front of the X-ray security machine, carefully view it. Once found contraband, the package can be taken out separate. Some of the more sensitive X-ray security machine, and even can divide different contraband the color, it is clealy at all.
Express industry development itself is the general trend of society, but the fact that entrain contraband we can not ignore. Of course, and denied the function of the express industry because there are some contraband exists. As long as we are good at using high-tech products, especially good at using X-ray security machine such a good product, then you can maximize the blockage of contraband channels. In fact, since the X-ray machine appear, with the phenomenon of contraband greatly reduced, because we already know, it is impossible to succeed, nobody will risk.

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