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Walk Through Metal Detector

BG-A6500T 33 Zones LCD walk through metal detector

BG-A6500T 33 Zones LCD walk through metal detector


1.multi-zone technology: 33 detection zone, the detection zone sensitivity can be adjusted (with adaptive regulation technology)
2.touch screen technology: 7-inch HDMI touch LCD screen, the operation is more simple and easy to understand. Internet technology: mobile phone APP remote control, the world's zero distance (optional).
4.super shell protection technology: IP54 superior protection performance (optional).
5.adaptive diagnostic system: boot adaptive power system diagnosis.
6.adaptive debugging system: the system into the debugging system adaptive debugging probing standards.
7.Start and stop technology: Infrared device with automatic start and stop technology.
8.alarm function: alarm lights, alarm sound, any adjustment settings.
9.working frequency: working frequency can realize manual or automatic frequency conversion.
10.Detection Technology: unimaginable uniform detection technology, no blind spots.
10.professional detection procedures: the system built 72 different occasions to detect standard procedures (to provide upgrade services) band: a large range of 100 working frequency band. level: with 100 security levels
13.detection zone sensitivity: a single zone sensitivity up to 0-255 level.
14.alarm sound mode: the system has a variety of alarm sounds selectable mode, to adapt to different occasions to choose.
15.Statistics: PASS through the system and return to the dual data records, but also have the FAIL through and return double data records.
16.Query function: The system has real-time information inquiry function.
17.Intelligent standby: the system has intelligent standby reminder function. stand-by tips: Security door normal working hours with a full range of 16 high-brightness LED standby indicator.
19.detection capacity: 1 minute with more than 60-150 people passed the test. 


01. Airports,
02. Transport terminals,  
03. Buildings, 
04. Factories (to find needle in clothing,  shoes,  bags),
05. Courthouses,
06. Embassies,
07. Military installations,
08. Prisons,
09. Hotels,
10. Schools ,
11. Convention centers,
12. Security checkpoints
13. Special events location


Technical Parameters

channel size :2000x670*700mm
package size 2280x700x290mm
net weight: 67KG
gross weight :75KG
voltage: AC90V ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz
Operating frequency range:1-100 bands
Working temperature: -20 ~ 65
Installation environment: wide 100cm * 200cm long (no metal minimum range) flake landscape
highest sensitivity: ≥ 6g metal