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X-Ray Baggage Scanner

BG-X10080 large multi X-ray baggage scanner

BG-X10080 large multi X-ray baggage scanner



1. One-button shutdown: turn off only need to turn the key, the device automatically safe shutdown, more humane.

2. Emergency stop hierarchical control: press the tight stop button, only the power transmission and ray source part, more secure.

3. weak remote wake-up control: the console using weak wake-up control, no strong electrical contact, more people-oriented.

4. Image ultra-clear: the core components of high-density imported modules, higher resolution, to the international level, more clear.

5. Waterproof function: the channel within the special treatment, a small amount of passengers scattered no impact, more at ease.

6.self-diagnosis: automatically detect faulty, and give a message, easy to maintain.

7. zoom function: continuous mouse zoom function, more continuous. Unique mouse magnifying glass function, any local details zoom, more accurate. Has a specific role in identifying specific explosives.

8. Detection of objects: Baggage, large and medium-sized luggage, suitcases, checked items and other larger items.


01. Airports,
02. Transport terminals,  
03. Buildings, 
04. Factories (to find needle in clothing,  shoes,  bags),
05. Courthouses,
06. Embassies,
07. Military installations,
08. Prisons,
09. Hotels,
10. Schools ,
11. Convention centers,
12. Security checkpoints
13. Special events location



Technical standards

Electrical appliances with reference to EN60950 safety standards

Radiation is carried out with reference to EN50081-1

Strict implementation of the current X-ray security equipment national standards

Fully through the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification

Fully through the OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certification

Fully passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification

Fully certified by the European Union CE


Technical Parameters:

Dimensions: 4436 (long) X1330 (width) X1865 (high) mm

Channel size: 1000 (W) X800 (high) mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m / s

Conveyor Max Load: 200 kg

Resolution: 0.101mm in diameter metal wire

Spatial resolution: horizontal diameter 1.0mm; vertical diameter 1.0mm

Penetration resolution: 0.254 mm in diameter

Penetration: ≥36mm ~ 48mm steel plate (can be customized)

Film safety: Safety for IS01600 film

Radial beam direction: top style

Anode current: 0.4 ~ 1.2mA (adjustable)

Anode voltage: 100 ~ 160KV (adjustable)

Leakage dose: <0.1uGy / h

Radiation beam divergence angle: 80 °

Cooling / working cycle: sealed oil cooled / 100%

Working environment: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C / 20% ~ 95% (no condensation)

Working voltage: 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3HZ

Power consumption: 0.8KVA (0.8 kWh per hour)

Noise: ≤ 55dB (A)


Image Processing:

Array Detector: L-type photoelectric diode multi-energy detector

Monitor: High resolution 19 inch LCD monitor

Color quality: Image display 24-bit color display, 12bit depth

Edge enhancement: the edge of the object contour is more clear

Super image enhancement diagram: image detail is clearer

High penetrate strength display:  increase brightness of dark area in image to display object which is behind high absorbtivity mass distinctly

Low penetrate strength display: increase contrast of low absorbtivity mass (easy to penetrate) to display it distinctly

Brightening / Darkening: Increases the brightness of the image / darkens the brightness of the image

Image recurrence: display previous twenty images and process any one of them

Image restoration: restore image to initial status at the time of stopping conveyor

Image storage: continuously save 20,000 images, and can be processed

Identification of dangerous goods: auxiliary tips to identify more typical explosives, drugs, guns, detonators and other dangerous goods


Multi-energy function:

Multi-energy color: display organic material for orange, display inorganic material for blue, and display mixture for green

High energy/low energy: switch to display two energy type, high energy stands for metal etc., low energy stands for nonmetallic

Auxiliary function for drugs & explosives: help to detect such dangerous material as drugs & explosives etc.

Audible & visible alarm: give sound and visible signal when conforming to condition