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Underground Metal Detector

BG-D600 Underground Gold Metal Detector

Product introduction
BG-D600 metal detector is the application of advanced foreign technology to create a high-performance instruments, the ergonomic shape of the instrument is very user-friendly, the use of high-quality components. It detects deep, positioning accuracy, strong resolution, easy to operate. The instrument has a balanced line, can eliminate all the ground mineralization, only the probe detects the metal will be issued an alarm, thus greatly improving the detection accuracy and efficiency

Customs inspection
Police Interpol sector detection
Detection of raw materials, fuel, food in the metal foreign body
Check the mail, luggage items whether with the metal
Explore the underground pipelines, lines
Iron exploration, prospecting, archeology
Found buried underground gold and silver treasures and metal artifacts
Scrap metal recycling

Function introduction
Detection object: Mainly looking for underground copper coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver and other legacy metals.
Suitable for: amateurs, professional treasure hunt, archeology, pipeline and other underground exploration
The most real technical advantages:
Discrimination function: The metal can be excluded by the recognition mode.
Alarm mode: sound&light and pointer multi-mode alarm (to the customer multiple choices).
Probe material: made of aluminum material greatly reduce weight, can ease wrist fatigue.
Host material: The probe and the host using ABS material for a synthetic mold, wear durable.

technical parameters
Detection speed: 0.1 / second
The main vibration frequency: 550KHZ ± 3KHZ
Signal frequency: 450HZ ± 5HZ
Dimensions: 1070mm (assembled)
Power consumption: ~ 1W
Power: 12V1.3AH / 20HR
Net weight: 2.2kg
Maximum mad depth: 1-10.8 meters